What we are

We are a growing family business offering beautiful, bright self-catering apartments in convenient locations. We have space and we are cost efficient. So you can stay with us cheaply almost like in your own apartment, because we are not a hotel. Therefore we don't have a reception, but we are available for questions. Just call or write us and we will get back to you. 

Who we are 

We have people working in management, administration, cleaning and as janitors. Everyone is important and a part of the whole. We treat each other with respect and kindness. We make sure that the pay is fair and that the working conditions are constantly improved. Please treat all of us with respect as well, because we try our best. 

What are we doing for the future?

The buildings you will be living in date back to the 1940s. As children, some of us drank our break milk from cups from the Old Dairy in Aschaffenburg, which used to operate here. Such old buildings are exciting and have a history, but they also have limitations. Within this framework, we are trying to become more sustainable step by step. For example, we have already installed a solar system on the roof for several years and are planning more panels. We are also thinking about how to further reduce our CO2 emissions and what other measures we can take to become more environmentally friendly. We are therefore happy to receive tips and if you are economical with your heating and water. For example, when you are out of the house, you can turn down the heating, turn off the lights and only heat with the windows closed. A shock ventilation is much more effective against cold and also against heat. Try it out at home.