Our quality control

To ensure the quality in our house, we regularly carry out surveys among our guests. Thus, we receive valuable feedback on the equipment of the apartments and on our services.

Our guests' opinion

  • What our guests like about the MILCHHOF apartments:
  • the large rooms and the generous living area
  • independence in the apartments (living, not lodging)
  • the good price and quality
  • guest service and room service
  • the higher privacy compared to a hotel
  • the central location in Aschaffenburg und Rhein-Main
  • the nearby (and cost-free) parking space

The positive feedback of our guests encourages us to continue offering a straightforward design at good quality.

Talk to us

If you have a special wish or problem, please address it to our office crew (usually to Mr. Schadler). We will try to help you with any question around your stay. Our contact details:

MILCHHOF apartments

Auhofstrasse 8
D-63741 Aschaffenburg

Phone: +49 6021 410630 (Mr. Steffen Schadler)
Fax: +49 6021 410632

E-mail: info@milchhof-apartments.de